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“Perfectus Pet Food has been three years in the making. Our food was originally designed by us to be fed to our own beloved pets, because we come from the industry and we have seen how things are done, we wanted something better for our pets”

We were 3 co-workers who worked for several different Pet Food Manufacturers over the years that finally realized in complete and total frustration, that no one in the giant monolithic pet food industry was attending to the pet parents when it came to the design of their beloved furry friends’ food. Everyone seemed more interested in gross margins, the latest fad, new buzz words or what was the easiest and cheapest to formulate, not so much what dogs loved to eat.

 Perfectus Pet Food has been three years in the making. Our food was originally designed by us to be fed to our own beloved pets, because we come from the industry and we have seen how things are done, we wanted something better for our pets. So, we decided to break that mold and we founded our small company with two main goals – your pet’s palate and your peace of mind.

Two words that mean everything to us are honesty and trust. You have to be honest to even begin to earn trust. Our motto is simple, work hard every day, never sacrifice quality for quantity and never create the need to look over your shoulder. We take our responsibility seriously from the design through production to delivery of our food and we guarantee you, we will work diligently to earn your trust by delivering a premium, high quality, safe, wholesome, balanced and great tasting food consistently every time. 

 Welcome to Perfectus Pet Food’s Ancient Grain Recipes; a choice selection of either real deboned beef or real deboned chicken, masterfully crafted with the ancient grain sorghum in an all-natural ingredient-based formula, available in convenient resealable 8 Lb and 25 Lb packages. Try our new recipes and let your dog experience the taste difference that separates us from the rest.

Our Team

Our team



Bryan Cogley is an accomplished high-energy Executive Vice President with a strong background in manufacturing engineering and over 30 years of leadership experience in the food manufacturing arena. Bryan has served as a Plant Manager and Senior Operations Executive in both the dry kibble and wet canned pet food production. He has been intimately involved with every process in the pet food industry including food design, development, nutritional assessment, packaging design, research & development, production, quality assurance, sales, marketing and logistics.

Bryan is committed to and persistently drives excellence at every facet within our company, from the design stages of our superior premium pet food through production, testing and fulfillment. He believes there is a better way of doing business in order for a company to be sustainable and it starts with excellent tasting, carefully crafted, safe high-quality products backed by outstanding customer care. He is a firm believer in preserving and protecting the actual science of pet food, not condoning the takeover and outpacing of that science by high end marketing practices. Bryan is dedicated to ensuring the uncompromised safety and exceptional palatability in all of our pet food products here at Perfectus.



Gregory Eastwood is a talented Sales & Marketing Executive with a significant background in Customer Service and Sales, with over 20 years in pet food industry. He is steadfastly committed to customer care and ensuring complete customer happiness. Greg has been involved with the sales and marketing of many successful product lines over his career and is devoted to making a difference with our products.

Greg is driven by the highest of ethical standards and believes intensely in earning trust from every one of our valued customers, by doing what we say we are going to do. He always puts the customer first because he takes ownership of his pledges and will never promise what he cannot deliver. He couldn’t wait to join our team because he now has a product he believes in and feeds to his own beloved pets, and he believes we can start changing the pet food industry one satisfied customer at a time, returning back to the basics of wholesome and safe nutrition that tastes great!



Gregory Caputo is an exceptional Vice President of Operations. Greg has been involved in the pet food industry for the last 4 years coming over from the demanding world of financial services and operations. Greg approaches every scenario with a different set of eyes and a fresh perspective. Gregory has a remarkable ability to build, guide, and sustain a successful sales organization and its supporting operations team.

When we first developed our Perfectus Pet Food Recipes and the conceptualized image we wanted to represent in the pet food industry, Gregory was one of the key supporters behind entering into the marketplace with our masterfully designed diets and our model way of doing business, to lead a grass roots change to the old established guard in the pet food industry. Through Gregory’s exceptional negotiation skills and his ability to build business partnerships, he has helped us position ourselves with only the best of the best supplier partners, that are as devoted to food quality and safety as we are.

Our Partners



We have partnered with the best of the best for all of our recipe production requirements. We vetted and selected Alphia as our only manufacturing partner to produce our high quality premium pet food to meet and exceed our exacting and stringent formulation guidelines and comply with our superior quality assurance program. They are well known in the pet food industry and highly recognized for their exceptional levels of commitment to quality, food safety, consumer label integrity, reliability, consistency and sustainability.

ELITE Packaging Solutions

For our packaging, we have partnered with Elite Packaging Solutions, and they utilize a proprietary Print On Demand (POD) expertise for all of our packaging requirements. They have developed an environmentally responsible technology, utilizing less ink and reducing the waste stream with a sustainable packaging method printed as needed, eliminating the potential disposal for tens of thousands of pre-printed bags that have become obsolete due to label requirement changes that may occur as driven by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) or AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials).
Midwest Laboratories Logotype

Midwest Laboratories

We also utilize a 3rd party independent laboratory to confirm and audit our Guaranteed Analysis and Microorganism testing, we have partnered with Midwest Laboratories in Omaha Nebraska. Midwest Laboratories is well established and highly respected as a testing and analysis laboratory in the pet food industry for their specialized expertise and advanced technology to guarantee the accuracy of our test results.